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Please call Sarah Van Dyken, Prinsburg City Clerk, to see if dates are available

Community Room Rental Information
1. Users must sweep, vacuum, and/or generally clean up after use.
2. Tables and chairs must be arranged as found and no furniture is to be removed from the building.
3. Kitchen must be clean, and food removed from the refrigerator. Wash all dishes used.
4. A maximum of 118 people may use the building at any one time.
5. The meeting or function must end by 11 PM.
6. Any alterations or decorations must be pre-approved by the maintenance overseer.
7. No drugs, alcohol, or smoking on the premises.
8. Extra tables, chairs or other furniture brought onto the premises must have protective footings.
9. Lift (or roll) tables and chairs – Do NOT slide them across the floor.
10. No pets!
11. Please place used towels in the basket under the counter.
12. Empty trash cans. Trash can outside the west door.
13. If Technology is rented please return all items used and retract the screen

Community Room Rent Agreement 

Rental Fees:
Rental $150
Technology $50
There is also a $50 Cleaning Deposit that will be returned after Firehall has been checked by the City Clerk.
Please make sure you have paperwork and checks completed and turned in before the rental date.   If you have any questions please contact the City Clerk

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