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JT Powers/Fire Board

The Governing bodies of the City of Prinsburg and Holland Township have determined it to be in the best interests of the City and Township, the constituents, citizens, and the general public residing in their communities to jointly own, operate and maintain firefighting and rescue equipment and first responders facilities personnel and equipment.

The governing body of the Joint Powers Board shall consist of the following persons: two persons appointed by the City Council of the City of Prinsburg who may or may not be members of the Prinsburg City Council, and two persons appointed by the Township Board and supervisors of Holland Township who may or may not be members of the Township Board.

The Joint Powers Board meets on the first Monday of each quarter. Each meeting includes a Fire Board meeting with the Fire Chief, Assistance Fire Chief and President of 1st Responders.

Jt Powers Board Members are:

Mitch Swart, Prinsburg City Council, Chairman

Dalen Folkerts, Prinsburg City Council

Mike Marcus, Holland Township

Ryan Lippert, Holland Township

August 18, 2021
December 2021

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